Sunday, August 14, 2011

Envision Web Announces Mobile Sites For iphone and ipad

Awesome News

We launched the new mobile tour! You now have the most advanced, best looking mobile tour on the market. The most common reaction from our clients is WOW! The iPad will become an invaluable selling tool for you.

Every tour, even your old tours, are now on the new mobile platform.

iPhone and iPads support interactive panoramas. You control the panoramas by tilting or rotating the iphone/ipad.

Here is a full list of features:
  • Loading page with customer branding

  • Photos and Panoramas

  • Uses gyroscope in iPhone 4 to be able to look around panos

  • Uses tilt-sensor in iPhone 3GS and older to look around panos

  • Interactive Floorplans

  • Complete photo gallery

  • Detail view with Agent contact information, map and more

  • Portrait and landscape modes


    Client Exposure

    Envision exposure is at an all time high! We have over 38,000 Facebook clients and over 40,000 latest tour subscribers. Your tours and websites now get an immediate exposure to these 75,000+ people worldwide. We provide you the dynamic marketing edge you need in this market.

    We are commited to helping grow your business by bringing you the best solution on the market.

    New Designs and Video in the tours will be the next release. We are working on them daily and should launch in the fall assuming all continues to go well.

    Thank you for your continued support.

    Stuar Stuart

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